1927 - Continued
              These dollar motors were a huge success in the United States!  The
              DUAL name gains popularity in the United States. 
1928 -    As electric energy became more widespread, the demand for electric
              motors rose.  DUAL produces 10,000 units per month.  They market
              a turntable that has a stamped sheet metal platter with a velvet covering. 
              The first DUAL phono cartridge is produced.  With this accomplishment,
              all the pieces were in place for DUAL to start producing turntables of
              their own.  
1937 -   DUAL wins a prize at the World's Fair in Paris for their turntable.  This
               starts the line of DUAL turntables to come!
               DUAL also manufactures wood cabinets and furnishings for sound
1949 -   After the wars end, civilian production starts again.  DUAL produces
               two pole electric motors, plus adds idler wheel drive to their turntables.
              On the first official Electronic Trade Show in Berlin, DUAL unveils the
              legendary DUAL 1000 model turntable.
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