1950 -      DUAL produces 200,000 electric turntable motors.   The diameter
                   of their turntable platters was 210mm and weighed 1.2 kg. 
  1952 -      DUAL produces their own crystal phono cartridge that have a
                   tracking force of 6 grams.
  1956 -      The first DUAL compact unit is introduced.  This has the turntable,
                   amplifier and speakers all in one cabinet.  The 1950's are marked
                   as years of great technological advancement in the development
                   of music reproduction. 
  1958 -       The introduction of Stereophonic sound!
                    In the spring, DUAL introduces stereo turntables that come with
                    their cartridges. 
  1959 -       Turntables with four pole motors and idler wheel drive are introduced.
                    DUAL invents a record stabilizing system where records could be
                    stacked for multiple play without a record stabilizing arm on the top
                    of the record stack. 
                     DUAL introduces the 1006 turntable.
  1960 -       Automatic sensing of record size is introduced on the DUAL 1008
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